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Zelda: Breath of a Wild will have some-more than one ending

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild will have an swap ending, according to Eiji Aonuma.

The array writer hinted during a finale in an talk with IGN Portugal (translated by DualShockers). Though he was clever not to exhibit too much, it seems that accomplishing certain tasks in-game will clear this swap ending, definition that it could be some-more of a “true ending” conditions than a “player choice” between mixed options.

“There is an swap finale if we accommodate certain criteria,” Aonuma explained. “If we do a few things, we might see a opposite ending.”

Most Zelda games have flattering straight-forward endings, though this wouldn’t be a initial time that there’s something tip dark during a finish of a game. Beating Link’s Awakening though any deaths, for example, will clear an Easter egg of a ideal ending.

Then, Aonuma went on to exhibit another fact about Breath of a Wild: Epona, Link’s reliable horse, will make an appearance.

“As for Epona, she’s in Breath of a Wild, though we do not wish to exhibit sum about how to find her, or what that means,” Anomuma said.

So far, early screenshots of a diversion have shown what seems to be a equine fast or tent and lots of wildlife, and Link’s been seen roving a different, darker-colored horse, so it creates clarity for Epona to seem in some form.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild launches on Mar 3rd for a Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

Source: IGN Portugal

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