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You can shortly try out Watch Dogs 2 for giveaway on consoles

Anyone that missed out on Watch Dogs 2‘s launch this past Nov can try a diversion out for giveaway during a arriving giveaway hearing event.

Announced on a UbiBlog, a giveaway hearing will concede gamers to play Watch Dogs 2 for adult to 3 hours, that can be enjoyed in intervals or all during once. Gamers can download a hearing starting Jan 17th on PlayStation 4, with a Xbox One download commencement Jan 24th. There’s no discuss of a PC trial.

The hearing will give players full entrance to all single-player and multiplayer features. For those who are sole on a knowledge and confirm to squeeze a full game, all swell gained in a hearing will send over.

While a PC throng is clearly left out of a giveaway trial, they did recently accept a opening boost for a game.

Source: UbiBlog

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