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Xbox trainer wants to keep back harmony ‘as prolonged as possible’

The days of withdrawal all your games behind when a new console comes out might be behind us, during slightest if Microsoft’s skeleton go through.

Microsoft has already announced that a arriving hardware rider codenamed Project Scorpio will be means to play all games now on a Xbox One, and with a ever expanding list of Backward Compatible Xbox 360 titles, that’s a list with a intensity to widen behind flattering far. Some fans, though, are already meditative about a destiny of games over Scorpio—and apparently, that’s a regard Microsoft shares as well.

“It’s severe to envision a future,” Xbox trainer Phil Spencer pronounced in response to a fan’s exploration on Twitter. “But for me, harmony is a underline we should safety as prolonged as possible.”

This lines adult with Microsoft’s settled enterprise to emanate iterative, rather than generation-separated, hardware. In other words, destiny Xbox units would any be a light alleviation on a final (similar to a growth of PC and smartphone hardware), rather than a decisive break. Making certain that aged program can run on a new hardware, though, is something that will still take a counsel effort.

We might get a improved demeanour during Microsoft’s skeleton possibly during or before this year’s E3. Barring that, Project Scorpio is scheduled to recover around this holiday season.

Source: Phil Spencer on Twitter

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