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Xbox trainer delivers some bad news to back harmony fans

There are many people who want Call of Duty: Black Ops II to come to a Xbox One back harmony program, however, that doesn’t meant that it’s going to occur any time soon.

Xbox arch Phil Spencer took to Twitter recently to assistance people in handling their expectations. Generally flattering still about third-party games nearing on retrograde compatibility, a highlight of traffic with so many fans contingency be weighing on Microsoft, as a staff has become some-more and some-more vocal.

Responding to questions about Xbox One back harmony on Twitter, Spencer apparently close down any wish of Call of Duty: Black Ops II nearing subsequent month.

Those with a some-more confident outlook—or a delusional—may announce that there is a probability that Spencer was responding that he had no comments on Black Ops II—not that a diversion wouldn’t be nearing in February. Personally, we wouldn’t get my hopes adult if we were you.

Stay tuned, as we’ll post some-more retrograde harmony news as it’s announced.

Source: Phil Spencer on Twitter

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