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World of Warcraft film transmog equipment discovered

World of Warcraft Legion

The giveaway Warcraft movie-related transmog equipment for World of Warcraft have been revealed.

Many players believed that a transmog equipment would usually be accessible for people who indeed went to see a film, but, according to datamined info, all players have to do is record in to a diversion within dual months of a movie’s release.

Alliance players will get a “Fight for a Alliance” feat along with a Replica Lion’s Fang and Replica Lion’s Heart transmog items. While Horde players get a “Fight for a Horde” feat and a Replica Blood Guard’s Cleaver and Replica Staff of Gul’dan transmog items. You can take a demeanour during a equipment below.

Warcraft opens Jun 10th in North America.

Source: WoWHead

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