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Will a Illusive Man play a purpose in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

A new video for Mass Effect: Andromeda has some fans meditative that a patrol might have ties to a Illusive Man.

The ever-observant internet speckled that a anecdotist of a new Pathfinder video only happened to have a same surname as a Jack Harper, a Illusive Man—also famous as a criminal from Mass Effect 2. While “Harper” isn’t accurately a rarest of names, it seems peculiar for BioWare to reuse a name when they could simply only make adult another out of a ether.

Contributing to a speculation is a stream timeline around Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s “Andromeda Initiative”—the module that sent people out towards another galaxy. Currently, a faith is that a plan was combined between a events between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, with a Arks and Nexus rising somewhere between a events of the second and third games. This would put a lot of a entrance to a beginning during a time when Jack Harper had power. Perhaps he even put his daughter on a boat to extend his reach?

We’re not sure, though we’re vehement to find out! What do we consider about this rumor? Let us know in a comments below!

Mass Effect: Andromeda arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC Mar 21st.

Source: BioFan around Twitter

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