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When Final Fantasy XV started development, Square Enix had begun to remove faith in a series

Final Fantasy XV 2

Square Enix has fought inner concerns that Final Fantasy is a “dying IP,” according to Final Fantasy XV executive Hajime Tabata.

“The gravest conditions of all was that, during a time we were starting Final Fantasy XV, we didn’t see an boost in new fans of a franchise,” Tabata told Game Informer. “The code picture of Final Fantasy wasn’t unequivocally clear.”

After examining a opening of past games, Square Enix disturbed that a array had already reached a peak. In response, Tabata identified 3 “core” qualities found in a series’ many successful games, such as Final Fantasy VII: A “willingness to change a standing quo,” an “exceptional, out-of-the-ordinary experience,” and “cutting-edge record to use a hardware to a fullest.”

“What Final Fantasy fans enterprise is a new entrance that encompasses all of these elements,” Tabata explained. “And that is a design with Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV releases on a Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Sep 30th.

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