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When does The Elder Scrolls Online’s Dark Brotherhood DLC release? We know

Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood’s finally making its way into The Elder Scrolls Online, and thanks to a new compilation of launch information from Bethesda, joining the guild of assassins is a little easier than committing a murder and waiting for your “we know” note.

The DLC arrives on May 31st, and will be “free” for anyone with an active ESO Plus membership ($15 a month). For those who want to buy the DLC separately, it costs 2,000 crowns in the ESO Crown Store—the equivalent of about $20, though the dollar-to-crown conversion ratios get a little wonky.

The Dark Brotherhood DLC introduces a new passive skill line as well as new quests, gear, and encounters. Even players who don’t buy the DLC will see a few changes, however, as an upcoming update introduces poison-making and changes up the end-game by eliminating Veteran Ranks.

For the full details on what’s included in the DLC, head on over to the Elder Scrolls Online website.

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