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Watch members of Team Japan punch in a newest The King of Fighters XIV trailer

kofxiv japan

The SNK staffer who presumably got his hands on a giveaway duplicate of Adobe Premiere has kicked off nonetheless another trailer array for The King of Fighters XIV, this time featuring particular teams that make adult this year’s entry.

The concentration of a initial installment is Team Japan, done adult of Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru, and Daimon. The demo is some-more muster than competitive, though it’s acquire footage for those who haven’t had a possibility to play an early build of a pretension and might not have been confident with a brief gameplay scenes in prior trailers.

Expect some-more group breakdowns—with 16 teams in a game, who knows how many more—for The King of Fighters XIV before the Aug 23rd recover on PS4.

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