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Watch Doom’s SnapMap Stream here! [Update: Stream over]


Update: The tide is over, though we can watch a repository of a tide below.

Original Story: Bethesda is hosting a tide focused on Doom‘s SnapMap feature, and we can watch it here!

Beginning during 11 a.m. PT, Bethesda will be streaming all-new calm for a arriving shooter, Doom. Showcasing a SnapMap feature, viewers will learn how to construct maps and diversion modes, and how to share their creations with a rest of a Doom community. SnapMap is an easy to use, nonetheless impossibly low mapmaking underline within a game, that allows even a many beginner of users to emanate awesome, playable maps for Doom. Plus, opposite diversion modes can be combined to give your map additional aptitude and claim your style.

You can watch a tide below!

Doom is slated to recover May 13th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Bethesda on Twitch

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