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Walmart pre-orders might exhibit how most a Switch costs

A new post to Reddit shows off a Nintendo Switch presale sheet during Walmart, inventory a device during a whopping $399.99.

Posted to Reddit by user FenderGuy94—who claims to be a Walmart employee—the plaque lists Nintendo’s console during a many aloft cost than was formerly expected.


Most leaks have placed a console/mobile hybrid during $249, that seems a many some-more wise cost. Unfortunately, we don’t design any acknowledgment or rejection on a cost today, as the Nintendo Switch exhibit is later this week. Guess we’ll only have to cranky a fingers that a other leaks are correct, and reason a exhale until Friday!

The many new trickle on a Nintendo Switch was from U.K. tradesman GameSeek, who settled that a device would run approximately $245 and recover on Mar 17th.

Source: FenderGuy94 on Reddit

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