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Walking Dead’s Season Three will be some-more ‘hand-in-hand with a comics’


Fans of The Walking Dead comic book will be happy to hear that a subsequent deteriorate of The Walking Dead video game—adapted by Telltale Games—will be many closer to a comic’s storyline than before.

In an talk with IGN, Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman spoke about the instruction for a arriving third season of a game.

Season Three of a Telltale array is unequivocally sparkling to me,” pronounced Kirkman. “The approach that a timeline works, Season Three will indeed be removing flattering tighten to where we are in a comics, concurrently.”

Not usually will a timeline be identical opposite mediums, though we might even see some singular crossovers.

“Similar to a Michonne series, there will substantially be some some-more comic book elements that will be worked in in some engaging ways,” pronounced Kirkman. “I don’t wish to exhibit too much, though it will definitely a small some-more than Season Two did.”

Perhaps diversion characters will make their approach behind into a comic? Or perhaps something as impassioned as a many renouned village choice during a branch of the diversion will dictate the instruction of a comic? The opportunities to mix a dual are endless. “There’s a lot of unequivocally cool, unequivocally sparkling things entrance that we don’t consider people will expect.”

Although there’s no information per what systems The Walking Dead: Season Three will be on, a diversion is slated to launch in 2016.

Source: IGN

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