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UFC 2 gets new giveaway calm refurbish and dual new fighters


The newest calm refurbish for EA Sports UFC 2 has arrived, and it’s a sum knock-out.

Players installing UFC 2‘s Content Update #2 will be vehement to find that a new refurbish includes all from new fighters, to adjustments to Ultimate Team, and more. Added to a game’s register are Canadian churned martial artist Patrick Côté and American flyweight Louis Smolka. Along with a 3 fighters combined in a initial giveaway calm update, this brings a sum series of fighters accessible in UFC 2 to a towering 305.

A new Item Exchange has been combined to UFC Ultimate Team, as well. In a new system, players can trade 5 equipment in their collection for a pointless higher-level item. The aloft a turn of a equipment traded in, a improved possibility for implausible loot.

You can check out a full list of updates, below, as taken from a EA Sports Blog:

Game Mode Updates

  • Added a ability to revise a combined fighter’s coming during any time in Ultimate Team and Career Mode.
  • Added a arrangement of a winning move, a player’s best pierce and a opponent’s best pierce after an Ultimate Team quarrel in a post-fight menu.
  • Added a ability to perspective some-more sum about a fighters in Live Event fights.

Gameplay Updates

  • Strike Intercept: Strikes landed within a opponent’s initial breeze adult proviso of a strike will hindrance them from completing their strike.
  • Stockton Slap – 209 pierce added.
  • If a resist is mistimed, a retard is not activated automatically.
  • Reduced speed of bind attempts.
  • Improved AI proof for submissions and diversion plans.
  • Elbows and Punches in Muay Thai Clinch can't prevent transition attempts.
  • Swaying divided from a competition will put a warrior during risk for aloft physique damage.
  • Bottom warrior is given Grapple Advantage after evading finish a quarrel into behind side.
  • Increased fastener advantage is given to bottom warrior while tip warrior strikes in side control
  • Made a bottom fighter’s transition to side control from behind side uninterruptible by strikes
  • In sprawl, a bottom warrior will now solemnly amass fastener advantage, creation escapes easier a longer they are hold in that position.
  • Tuned repairs on uppercut combos.
  • Clinch and Takedown attempts retaliate some-more when denied.
  • Updated Attribute/Perks/Moves for several fighters.

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Source: EA Sports Blog

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