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Two new Xbox One controller colors unveiled

Microsoft has expelled dual new tone schemes for a Xbox One wireless controllers.

Two new Xbox One controllers are now accessible for squeeze from a Xbox Store, “Red” and “Green/Orange.” Both new controllers will run we $64.99, and underline a same pattern as those released alongside a Xbox One S.

While it’s flattering easy to see a differences between a dual controllers—one is a two-tone matte red, a other is immature with orange accents—it’ll be engaging to see who purchases any form of controller. Red is a tone of a many chosen in Japan, though in America, a matte tones might come opposite some-more as a a traditionally delicate color. We expec this to be some-more renouned with a fighting diversion and platformer community.  The Green/Orange evokes a tones of a military, roughly mimicking a tone intrigue used for new Call of Duty bundles. We design this to be some-more renouned among a first-person shooter crowd.

What do we consider of a analysis? Which controller would we squeeze if we were to get one? Let us know in a comments below!


Source: Xbox Wire

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