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Twitch to supplement new Friends Feature


Twitch is holding stairs to raise a amicable features, and recently announced that it is implementing a Friends feature.

Announced during PAX East’s Twitch Town Hall, a underline will concede users to supplement friends, granting a most easier approach to bond than a stream private messaging system. Users will be means to supplement adult to 500 friends, see that friends are now on Twitch, and discuss with their friends with a singular click. This is a third new amicable underline added to Twitch this year, following Whispers and Party Chat, display that a association is essay to broach some-more effective ways for viewers to interact.

“Friends is a latest amicable underline in Twitch’s ongoing bid to assistance gamers bond with one another,” said Twitch’s Director of Programming, Marcus Graham, in a following press release. “While Twitch has always been a good height for broadcasters to bond with viewers, now viewers will be means to bond with any other too.”

The beta exam for Twitch’s Friends feature begins today, with beta signups holding place during a PAX East Twitch booth.

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