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Trailer for Overwatch Lunar New Year eventuality leaks

A new trailer has leaked for a arriving anniversary eventuality for Overwatch.

As is standard for a course, some-more sum per an upcoming Overwatch eventuality have leaked forward of a developer’s intention. This time, a trickle comes from Reddit in a form of a trailer for a Year of a Rooster eventuality in Overwatch—showing off countless skins and what might be a spirit of a new mode.

First off, we see what appears to be acknowledgment of a four Journey to a West skins that we saw leaked final week. We are also shown red and bullion Mercy and Symmetra skins, that we’d theory tumble in a purple “epic” operation of rarity. We design Mei fans to be furious, as a climate-scientist looks to be receiving a identical outfit that is rumored to be a bullion “legendary” rarity.

At a finish of a trailer, we also see Tracer station nearby a blue dwindle with a rooster on it. Could this be a Capture a Flag mode? We positively wish so!

The Year of a Rooster eventuality is ostensible to flog off Jan 24th!

Source: r/Overwatch on Reddit

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