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This YouTube video only leaked a Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen

With all Nintendo’s speak of a Switch’s capabilities, there’s one vital underline that hasn’t been shown off: a hold screen. Now, though, interjection to a leak, we have a initial footage of a Switch’s touchscreen in action.

The video was prisoner by YouTuber GamingWithMe, who filmed his knowledge during a Switch event. Oddly, though, it wasn’t a YouTuber himself who showed off a Switch’s touchscreen, yet one of a PR people during a demo for Skylanders Imaginators.

From a video, a PR chairman seems to toggle a environment before regulating a hold screen, so maybe it’s a underline that’s not active all a time—perhaps to forestall incidentally toggling options by bumping a Switch around while on a go. There’s a lot function in a video, though, including footage of a Switch joining to a TV and a minute demeanour during how a Joy-con controllers slip on and off, so a environment might have been associated to a opposite feature.

The video might be pulled by Nintendo, so be certain to watch soon.

The Switch releases on Mar 3rd, 2017.

Source: GamingWithMe on YouTube

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