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This puzzling demeanour during Injustice 2 is teasing something big

We’re about to see some-more of Netherrealm’s DC superhero fighting game, Injustice 2, according to tweets from a few dependent Twitter accounts.

The initial tweet, from a PlayStation Twitter, includes a GIF of Supergirl alighting amid a hull of a city, accompanied by a outline that teases a “new threat.” Finally, there’s a guarantee that a full chronicle of whatever we’re saying will arrive on a central PlayStation Blog on Tuesday, Jan 17th.

Another tweet, from a central DC Twitter account, shows an apparent quarrel between Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

A third, from a central Injustice 2 Twitter, facilities Superman cradling a physique of a potential woman.

Our bet? Based on a peculiarity of a images and a turn of drop we see in one of a GIFs, we’ll be removing a new cinematic trailer featuring Doomsday.

Whether or not that prophecy is correct, looks like like we’ll shortly be removing a uninformed demeanour during Injustice 2, one in that we’ll roughly positively learn of during slightest one new knave fasten a roster. Feel giveaway to leave your possess guesses in a comments below.

Injustice 2 is out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 May 16th.

Source: PlayStation on Twitter

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