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This Ace Attorney supplement competence move wish to 3DS fans

Ace Attorney spin-off The Great Ace Attorney is removing a sequel, and it’s on a Nintendo 3DS.

The initial game, that takes place in a past and facilities Sherlock Holmes, never got an English translation. That means it’s probable that this supplement might not make it overseas, either. What’s important, though, is not so most a diversion itself as a height publisher Capcom is releasing it on.

Nintendo’s insisted that a Switch is meant to be a supplement to a Wii U rather than a 3DS, and has settled in a past that a 3DS will continue to support a possess line of games. The data, we have so far, however, only doesn’t behind that up: a list of 3DS games releasing in 2017 is in singular digits, and a biggest actor is a reconstitute of Fire Emblem Gaiden. If Capcom is still formulation to support a 3DS, afterwards other third-parties might follow suit, that would be good news for anyone who owns a system.

Despite being a supplement to a spin-off, The Great Ace Attorney 2 is one of a largest games in a 3DS’s lineup during a moment, and it shows that Nintendo might indeed have skeleton for a handheld past 2017. Whether or not those skeleton will also extend into North America, however, stays to be seen.

Source: Capcom Japan on YouTube

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