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These fan-made Overwatch sculptures are masterful

Some people pull extraordinary images of their favorite Overwatch characters. Sculptor Mankej goes one step further, delivering full clay models.

Spotted by Kotaku, a pieces underline implausible craftsmanship, any shaped from wireframe and clay. So far, Mankej has done Tracer, D.Va, Junkrat, Sombra, and even a genderbent Roadhog desirous by a work of cosplayer Jessica Nigri. You can watch a whole sculpting routine (and in some cases a portrayal of a models) in countless videos that Mankej has online.

You’ll note how many time he spent delicately moulding a many tangible underline in Overwatch—Tracer’s derriere. Personally, my favorite sculpts are a D.Va and Junkrat—there’s only so many celebrity within them.



Check out some-more of Mankej’s work on his Facebook, YouTube, or Patreon!

Source: Kotaku

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