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The Tempest and Nomad will keep we relocating in Mass Effect: Andromeda

In a new video expelled from BioWare, we get a debate of Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s ship, a Tempest, and on-ground vehicle, a Nomad.

Many things have altered from a strange Mass Effect trilogy, including a boat that a actor will captain. Narrated by a Tempest’s Salarian pilot, a new video walks players by a several facilities of a ship, including some minute looks during Andromeda‘s planet-scouring all-terrain vehicle, a Nomad. Here are some of a highlights of a video:


About a Tempest:

  • No categorical gun
  • No complicated armor
  • Research Room: The place to ascent your weapons, armor, and a Nomad
  • Tech and Biolabs: Place that provides investigate for a Research Room functions
  • Meeting Room: Area where organisation gathers and teleconferencing can take place
  • Lower Deck: Engineering, Armory, Medbay, and Cargo Bay (Garage)
  • Pathfinder’s Cabin (place for hooking up)
  • The bridge: Location for Pathfinder to Operate a Nav system


About a Nomad:

  • Four- or six-wheel drive
  • Boost and microthrusters for navigation
  • Modular pattern allows customization, including thrusters, shields, defense blast, life support, radar, and paint jobs
  • Deployable mining drones concede for apparatus gathering

Mass Effect: Andromeda arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC Mar 21st.

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