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The newest Destiny gossip is a deepest yet


A new gossip creation a approach around a Destiny village claims that Bungie is using an ARG—or swap existence game—to trickle information about this fall’s nearing expansion.

The theories began progressing this week, when Reddit users became extraordinary per information supposing by a user named RezylAzzir. ReyzlAzzir displayed believe of pivotal contribution about a many new Destiny refurbish most quicker than many believed probable for a member of a public, heading some to assume a comment belonged to a Bungie employee. Upon digging serve into a RezylAzzir, members of a village detected that a name was matching to that of a impression appearing in a Apr Update’s sole Dead Ghost collectible.

The spinfoil-hat-wearing Redditors continued down a rabbit hole, anticipating a usually other post done by that user. This one was in Latin, reading, “Vigesima die mensis noni. ILLUD est venturus. Per Audacia ad astra.” That roughly translates to, “The twentieth day of a ninth month. It is about to come. Through arrogance to a stars.”

Many have taken this summary to prove that a subsequent enlargement will be nearing on Sep 20th, and if that weren’t engaging adequate already, now a user underneath a name Absense Vigil has begun messaging people on These messages lay out a serve mystery, not usually carrying people interpret from Latin, though also delving low into astrology and low-pitched theory. Unfortunately, there’s so most conjecture going on that we can’t presumably post it all, though if elucidate ridiculously perplexing puzzles is your crater of tea, a Destiny subreddit might be only a mark for you.

Personally, I’m still a small salty from a Search for a Sleeper, so I’ll be holding a mangle from this one.

Source: Destiny subreddit

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