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The Legend of Zelda goes live action—Hong Kong-style

Sometimes, fans holding risks with a dear gaming skill ends adult descending on some partial of a “this was a disaster” scale. DaysideTV’s new teaser trailer for their soon-to-be-released The Legend of Zelda live-action fan movie, however, is one of those times that we start to get excited.

Why? Because they’re adapting a adventures of Link, Zelda, and Ganon to fit into a mold of a hard-boiled Hong Kong military drama, and that’s something we never knew we wanted until this really moment. Sure, it’s a totally stupid idea—but infrequently a stupid ideas are a best one.

The group during DaysideTV are earnest a recover of a film today, though until we find out what accurately it’ll be and what fans will need to do to watch it, we can during slightest suffer this teaser trailer—or tell me in a comments how most of a weirdo I am for carrying enjoyed it.

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