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The Last Guardian, Shadow of a Colossus creator is looking into VR

The Last Guardian executive Fumito Ueda is meddlesome in creation a VR project, though don’t reason your breath—it substantially won’t occur any time soon.

Ueda spoke with Glixel about a prospect, privately focusing on Shadow of a Colossus.

“If we were to recover Shadow of a Colossus for PSVR, we would feel a shortcoming to emanate something that goes over a expectations of a fan base,” Ueda said. “It wouldn’t be adequate to only make a diversion where you’re station during a feet of a colossus.”

As visually considerable as saying a colossus in first-person viewpoint would be, however, Ueda didn’t feel that a diversion would be a good fit. Many VR games now keep a actor station still to equivocate suit illness problems, and Shadow of a Colossus is all about clambering adult and down a huge creatures and being jarred around.

“The biggest problem with VR, I’ve heard, seems to be that a suit creates people feel sick,” Ueda explained. “So we don’t know if it would unequivocally be a good match. we don’t have a certainty that we’d be means to overcome that problem.”

Another emanate is a distance of a VR market. Ueda voiced seductiveness in VR as a “creative medium,” though sadly combined that he has “the shortcoming to make certain that it creates business sense” for his group to take on a project.

“So, in that sense, we haven’t found a right change or picturesque resolution to make it happen,” Ueda concluded.

Source: Glixel

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