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The King of Fighters XIV rounds out the 12th teaser with dual contrary ninjas

Some people will disagree that Terry Bogard, in his American red, white, and blue, is a face of The King of Fighters series, Kyo Kusanagi, a heart and soul.  SNK’s 12th teaser trailer for The King of Fighters XIV, reminds us who’s a top-heavy thorax of a series: Mai Shiranui.

Mai’s lapse should warn nobody informed with a series. Luckily, she shares a trailer with a debuting Banderas in a weird one-on-one review about a legitimacy of their particular ninjutsu. “I’m gonna make we my teacher,” Banderas proclaims, confirming Mai’s guess that he’s a “creep.” SNK provides English subtitles of a whole sell for those practicing hermeneutics.

A register trickle from early Mar places a debuting masked warrior on a “South American” trio, assimilated by fighter Nelson, and one other unrevealed character. Mai, a unchanging member of a Fatal Fury team, is this time grouped with a aptly named “Women Fighters.”

The King of Fighters XIV is designed for a 2016 release, exclusively on a PlayStation 4.

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