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The King of Fighters XIV release date, roster additions, game modes announced


After 13 trailers, The King of Fighters XIV is finally ready to reveal itself, announcing every new and returning feature along with a summer release date.

The past few months, SNK Playmore has slowly built up the anticipation for The King of Fighters XIV, and now fans can expect full release on August 23rd. The latest trailer debuts Shun’ei, a kid who fights wearing a pair of sturdy earphones. Samurai Showdown fans get to see a piece of their beloved 2D fighter on the PlayStation 4, with the return of Nakoruru and her trusted hawk, Mamahaha.

A post on the PlayStation Blog further details this year’s various game modes and the story behind the fourteenth King of Fighters tournament. As if Kyo or Iori ever needed a reason to fight, this time a billionaire named Antonov has secured the rights to hold a KOF tournament, and sent invites out to the 50 combatants shown in the previous trailers. If Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has taught us anything, the ultra-rich are evil and Antonov will be the next SNK boss.

Fortunately, the participants living off a paltry fighter’s salary will be equipped with fresh and altered abilities to take down the One Percent. Climax Cancel lets players chain up to three super special moves and cap it off with an ultimate combo. A tweaked Max mode enables EX special moves for different combos. Rush gives players the ability to dish out combos using only the square button.

The classic 3-on-3 team battle returns, and with a ridiculous number of fighters, it should be no problem finding the best trio for success (or just go with Terry, Joe, and Mai). Friends can play together in party mode, or become senpai to an emerging player with an online training feature.

The PlayStation 4–exclusive The King of Fighters XIV releases August 23rd, with a SteelBook case included in the North American pre-order and Day One editions.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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