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The Green Goblin has taken Los Santos warrant in this new GTA V mod

Spider-Man’s nemesis, The Green Goblin, has left New York City for a new stomping belligerent of Grand Theft Auto V‘s Los Santos.

The knave is being introduced to a diversion by inclusive modder JulioNIB who has been obliged for several other comic-inspired mods, such as Ironman and Ghost Rider. A video was posted of his new Green Goblin mod, display off a singular abilities with that players can wreak havoc. Most iconic is a Goblin’s glider, that is accessible for use in all of a blade-impaling excellence and is surfaced off with a possess AI that will exclusively support a player.

The mod is quite suggestive of a lie from 2002’s Spider-Man: The Movie diversion that authorised gamers to suffer a whole debate as Green Goblin with his full arsenal. This lie was distant forward of a time, and this mod appears to constraint that same magic.

The mod is still a work-in-progress, though fans can benefit entrance to it by subscribing to a modder’s Patreon page. Otherwise, fans will have to wait until a mod’s central recover to try it out for themselves. A Goblin Armor mod is also accessible to make certain players are looking a part.

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