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The Flame in a Flood review


When we interviewed for my stream pursuit during EGM immediately following E3 2015, Josh—who is now my boss—asked me what my favorite diversion of a uncover was. we told him, yet many hesitation, about The Flame in a Flood, a rogue-like from indie outfit The Molasses Flood, a group packaged with ex-Bioshock Infinite devs. The game’s grotesque-yet-beautiful art style, folk rock-inspired soundtrack, and Louisiana Bayou-esque environment immediately pulled me in. The Don’t Starve character presence gameplay managed to confuse me from a flashing lights of a Los Angeles Convention Center’s uncover floor—which was a feat, generally during Microsoft’s counter where all was coloured by immature lights. Surrounded by large bill shooters and shrill racers, The Flame in a Flood stood out as a diversion with heart.

I became an preacher for a plan over a final year, arrangement The Molasses Flood’s colorful take on a flowing post-apocalypse to anyone who would listen. However, when we got my hands on a game’s final build, we had to come to terms with a fact that a 5 notation introduction that had enchanted me during E3 was about as low as a diversion got. The Flame in a Flood is frustrating and, as many as it heedfulness me to contend this, a mess.

The Flame in a Flood is damaged into dual parts: presence and rafting. The presence apportionment tosses a protagonist, Scout, into a dangerous forest with zero yet a container on her back. In these sections, you’ll try instanced areas acid for resources so we can qualification a collection you’ll need in sequence to live by a night. Thirst, hunger, and tired meters are how you’ll sign your survival, and you’ll spend many of your bid perplexing to keep any one during excusable levels while avoiding a boars and wolves that petiole a land. Anyone informed with Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve will immediately commend that game’s change on The Flame in a Flood. In fact, The Molasses Flood might have taken a few too many moves from Don’t Starve’s playbook for a presence sections, that make adult a infancy of a game.


Those sections had a ruleset that was never clear. Rain could final anywhere from dual in-game hours to some-more than eight. You can wait out a surge indoors, yet gauging how prolonged we should stay inside is impossible. we could never hang my conduct around what fit some of a game’s core mechanics, and reckoning out a best proceed to conflict to specific situations mostly felt obtuse, if not impossible.

In between presence areas, you’ll be rafting down a dangerous river. Threading my raft between rocks and floating houses, holding in a colorful landscapes of a post-apocalyptic Bayou, were some of my favorite moments of The Flame in a Flood. There were also upgrades for a raft, yet we was never means to arrange all of a right tools to square together even one of a enhancements. Honestly though, if a diversion focused some-more on coasting down a dangerous stream while shower in a sun, we substantially would have enjoyed it a lot more.

But sadly, you’ll have to take pier rather mostly in sequence to accumulate a reserve we need. When you’re on dry land, crafting is a pivotal to staying alive—which is a shame, given a complement is presented in a many unnavigable and ungainly proceed imaginable. Recipes are sorted in a single-column list alphabetically in your guidebook, and anticipating them can be a chore, even when regulating a minimal categories that a equipment are sorted under. The recipes are also listed with really small information, so you’ll need to memorize that equipment give a stats you’re looking to boost. For example, pickled beef replenishes your craving scale somewhat reduction than baked meat, yet a diversion doesn’t tell we that until you’re looking during any one in your inventory.

Finding a mixture required to make those equipment in a furious is totally adult to chance. Sure, we was some-more expected to find rags—a required part for bandages—at churches, yet it seemed equally expected that we would event into a wolf-infested isle during a storm. And entrance opposite accurately what we indispensable incidentally during a pier didn’t make me feel like we was overcoming a plea either—I was usually lucking out.

This isn’t a call to make a diversion easier, yet we felt totally out of control over a march of The Flame in a Flood’s events. Dying suddenly can hurt a ideally good run in a proceed that’s some-more frustrating than challenging. Whenever I’d lose, I’d feel my stomach churn. we didn’t wish to start over—not usually since I’d remove my progress, yet also since we knew how expected it was that we would accommodate a same predestine a subsequent time on a river.


Citizens of a flowing solitude will spasmodic offer assistance during ports, yet these people are exceedingly underutilized over set dressing. The characters’ designs clearly lend themselves to engaging stories—one gravedigger we saw was shoveling divided during a tombstone labeled “Scout”—‚but those sum are never explored. Interacting with them also invites a engorgement of ungainly arrangement glitches; discourse boxes perplexingly flicker, and infrequently discuss options would transcribe themselves.

And that’s something that we found a lot of in The Flame in a Flood: glitches. Some were run of a mill, while others were unforgivable. While sitting during a campfire, we once saw a wolf and a boar sealed in battle—an communication we found engaging until, after a few mins of watching, we satisfied that a creatures were possibly automatic or glitched in such a proceed that one would never kill a other. After withdrawal a stage of a almighty brawl, we could still hear a sounds of a dual animals aggressive any other, that was louder than anything else occurring subsequent to me.

Following a complicated storm, a sound of sleet descending continued to play after a on-screen sleet had stopped; I’m still not certain if it was a mistake that a sound was personification or if a in-game sleet was meant to persist. This happened after about 50-percent of a storms we encountered. Piled on tip of those generally uncanny situations were a common suspects of visit framerate drops, stuttering, and occasional crashes.

Even with a glitches, though, The Flame in a Flood is one of a many visually engaging titles I’ve played on Xbox One, handling to be concurrently unfortunate and beautiful during a same time. It’s too bad that so many of that beauty is dark behind a game’s clunky menu as we try to arrange by that equipment to craft. Its strange soundtrack also fits a environment and themes well. The folk stone tunes of Chuck Ragan intermittently swells, environment a stage as one of hope, not desert and ruin—an strange proceed to a post-apocalyptic world.

Salvation presumably lies during a finish of a river, yet we was never means to see that end. It got to a indicate where, even when we bumped myself down to a easy difficulty, that had a few frugally placed checkpoints sparse on a river, each thrust we took behind on a stream felt like bashing my conduct opposite a wall, anticipating to mangle by to a other side. I’ll always insert The Flame in a Flood to a memory of a E3 where we got my initial full-time gig in a industry, yet after spending a substantial series of frustrating hours grappling with a game, we don’t consider we built a singular lustful memory while indeed personification it.



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