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The Division’s issues continue as Daily Missions destroy to stagger all weekend


Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s problems continue as a game’s Daily Missions haven’t scrupulously cycled for 3 days in a row.

Daily Missions are end-game calm in that 3 pointless hurdles are updated with increasing prerogative peculiarity and difficulty, yet a problem usually relates to one of a three. One Challenging problem goal and dual Hard problem missions are approaching to stagger by a new preference each day, though starting final Saturday, a same 3 missions hold a respect all weekend, namely a Lincoln Tunnel for Challenging and the Hudson Refugee Camp and Madison Field Hospital for Hard.

This emanate isn’t scarcely as vicious as some other bugs players have experienced, though deliberation a game’s missions can already be a small repetitive, it is a problem value noting. The Challenging goal removing stranded in a loop is an even larger distrurbance deliberation usually 4 of a game’s 16 missions accommodate a Challenging difficulty.

Presumably, developer Massive Entertainment is too bustling addressing a “massive” feat in The Division‘s newly expelled Incursion mode to notice any other issues.

Source: VG 24/7

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