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The Division’s ‘biggest call of suspensions and bans to date’ is coming


It’s no tip that The Division has struggled with cheating, bugs, and exploits given launch. However, it appears that Ubisoft has finally motionless to start entrance down hard on players who use cheats or exploits to benefit an advantage.

“From a really commencement of development, a importance has always been on a actor knowledge and how good we wish it to be,” a new blog post reads. “We have good skeleton for a destiny of The Division, and for these to attain we contingency make certain to yield a well-spoken high-quality experience. Unfortunately, a gameplay knowledge was recently marred by in-game bugs and players violating a manners of a game. In sequence to move behind a improved and healthier environment, we have taken new stairs to residence a situation.”

Ubisoft recently implemented new lie showing methods, that have authorised a group to detect many some-more players regulating Cheat Engines. “We have already held some-more cheaters in a final few days than we had in sum during a prior weeks,” a post adds.

As a outcome of these new tools, a group over during Massive is scheming to palm out “the biggest call of suspensions and bans to date over a march of a subsequent few days.” Also, to assistance deter players from intrigue in a initial place, 14 day suspensions will be handed out to all players held intrigue for their initial offensive, instead of a strange 3 days, and a second offense will outcome in a permanent ban.

When it comes to exploits, Ubisoft has opted for a quicker approach. As shortly as an feat is discovered, a growth group will let players know that it is wakeful of a feat and will advise players not to extract in it. “This will safeguard that those held after an feat was reliable are wakeful of a consequences and actions that can be taken opposite them,” Ubisoft explains.

Also, worse punishments will be brought in for players who abuse these exploits including character rollbacks, comment suspensions, and permanent bans.

“As mentioned earlier, providing a high-quality knowledge is a priority,” a post concludes. “Fixing diversion bugs is one aspect of it, and we are improving a processes to residence that. Dissuading players from impairing others’ gameplay by violating a manners of a diversion is another aspect. We also wish to give we improved prominence and transparency. We are entirely committed to providing an beguiling and satisfactory sourroundings for all a players, and will take all stairs required to grasp this goal.”

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