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The Division’s 1.1 refurbish is causing characters to disappear on Xbox One

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A vast series of Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s players on Xbox One are stating that their characters have left blank following a recover of a game’s 1.1 update.

Players are stating receiving an blunder on logging in and afterwards finding that their impression has dead on removing behind to a impression name screen.

“We are wakeful that some players might have seen their characters left blank given Update 1.1,” a twitter by a game’s central Twitter comment reads. “The emanate is being investigated.”

“I’ve perceived adequate actor names and we’re looking into any impression individually,” Ubisoft’s Jan Harasym added. “We’ll get behind to we with some-more information as shortly as we can.”

Ubisoft expelled a hotfix progressing currently that done changes to a Falcon Lost Incursion and Challenge mode drops, though there was no repair for this issue.

Source: Reddit

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