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The Division consult hints during Hunger Games–style mode, new settings

A new consult for fans of Tom Clancy’s The Division could spirit during an arriving multiplayer mode that leaves usually one survivor standing.

Several surveys have been expelled to The Division‘s village given a game’s launch, generally seeking broader questions about actor stats and satisfaction. While these are benefaction in a latest survey, 3 questions could foresee a destiny for a experience. The initial doubt alludes to new survivalist calm that could array crony opposite friend.

“How meddlesome would we be in a “Last Man Standing” mode for Survival? (i.e. Battle Royale, Hunger Games… Only one actor can win and sojourn alive during a finish of a game)?”

As aptly explained by Arekkz Gaming, there would unequivocally be no reason to contention a only answer to this question. Some gamers might not like this arrange of mode, though a introduction expected wouldn’t outcome any comparison calm now in a game. A new mode for those meddlesome would therefore be zero though beneficial.

The subsequent doubt regards a intensity for new novels formed on The Division‘s universe. This expected wouldn’t have any impact on a diversion itself, though it could be a acquire addition for a post-apocalyptic experience.

The final doubt is only as engaging as a first, though it seems doubtful we will see it come to delight any time soon. The doubt asked where fans would like to see a array go in a destiny with a following options:

  • A new city that continues the same account as The Division.
  • A lapse to New York City to directly continue The Division‘s story.
  • A new city set in a time that runs point to a events of The Division.
  • A new city set in a opposite time duration from The Division.

Granted, all of these questions could only be suppositious information gathering, though a rather specific concentration of a questions advise a developers have some-more counsel intentions.

As distant as a new mode is concerned, it will roughly positively be partial of a game’s contingent Last Stand expansion, if it doesn’t launch in an progressing update. A new information cave of a diversion has leaked other intensity calm entrance to The Division, such as an enlargement to a Dark Zone that pushes into Central Park.

Source: Ubisoft- The Division Survey

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