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The Division PTS welcomes refurbish 1.6 and Last Stand expansion

Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s Public Test Server is behind on PC to give players a ambience of a game’s arriving 1.6 update, as good as a new Last Stand expansion.

Update 1.6 is a large change for The Division, introducing new calm into a diversion in further to a engorgement of tweaks, adjustments, and fixes. At a forefront of a refurbish is a enlargement to a game’s PvP Dark Zone locus that adds 3 new areas to a north of a stream zone. A Legendary problem is also being combined to a game’s World Tier 5 environment for those on a hunt for a challenge.

The tweaks and adjustments can be found in any dilemma of a game, from arms rebalancing to Gear Set alterations. Several changes have also been done to a game’s prior expansions- Survival and Underground.

As for a Last Stand expansion, a calm will not be accessible as shortly as a PTS goes live and is instead set to dump during a after date. This calm will embody a new Last Stand diversion mode—the game’s initial dedicated PvP option—as good as a new Incursion goal titled Lost Signal that takes place in a TV promote center. Players contingency possess a Last Stand DLC in sequence to entrance a calm on a PTS.

In other Tom Clancy’s The Division news, a game’s arriving film instrumentation finally has a director.

Adjustments competence be done to a refurbish before it goes live in a full game. The full patch records can be found below:

Game Changes
Dark Zone map expansion

  • Explore 3 new areas to a North of a Dark Zone. Engage absolute enemies and learn a dangers stealing around any corner.

Dark Zone Leaderboards

  • Earn rewards in a Dark Zone by participating in weekly and monthly activities that are tracked around a new Dark Zone leaderboards.
  • See how we smoke-stack adult opposite all a players in a Dark Zone on leaderboard activities that reset and change any week and month. All a tracked weekly and monthly activities count towards your sum score. The aloft your score, a improved rewards we will acquire when a leaderboards reset!

Dark Zone Contamination Events

  • The pockets of pathogen decay in a subways subsequent a Dark Zone are festering and apropos even some-more deadly. Cleaners have been captivated to a rising contamination. Players contingency conduct their health as a pathogen cooking divided during their filter while battling opposite absolute Cleaners. Clear any Dark Zone transport of Cleaners to acquire additional rewards.

Legendary difficulty

  • Pit yourself opposite an chosen LMB force versed with aloft rigging and modernized tactics
  • Legendary problem strips missions of all narrative, all checkpoints and focuses quite on fight scenarios
  • Legendary problem is usually accessible in World Tier 5
  • Available missions: Napalm Production Site, WarrenGate Power Plant, Times Square Power Relay.

More options for impression customization

  • Explore all new ways of customizing your agent, with arms skins, trek skins, new wardrobe sets and emotes!
  • Visit a Premium Vendor in The Terminal to clear prerogative self-centredness content; bonds refurbish weekly so check behind regularly!


  • Increased a time to revitalise a downed teammate from 3s to 5s.
  • Bleed no longer blocks sprint. Instead it reduces transformation speed by 20%. Additional applications modernise a timer.
  • Medkits can now be used during full health and clean a impression of all practical standing effects.
  • Medkits cooldown has been increasing from 12 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Players will no longer be means to reload their arms and scurry in a same time. When sprinting, dire Reload will dump we out of Sprint. When Reloading, dire Sprint will miscarry a Reload.
  • Hipfire fortitude has been significantly reduced when moving.
  • Player camera will now be impacted by hipfire, shortening his margin of perspective a longer he keeps firing.
  • There is now a brief cooldown between any fight roll.
  • Body shot repairs has been somewhat increasing in PvP (this change does not request to PvE, headshot repairs is unchanged).
  • Implemented visible feedback when an rivalry actor uses a Medkit.

Dark Zone

  • Players can now quick transport between Dark Zone checkpoints.
  • Players will no longer lax Dark Zone knowledge and supports when killed in a Dark Zone if they are not Rogue.
  • Supply drops will now prerogative Dark Zone knowledge as well.

Armor Resistances

  • Armor has been private as a Major prerogative from equipment and is transposed with Health.
  • Added a new prerogative called “Resist All” that adds insurgency to all forms of standing effects.
  • Older equipment (pre 1.6) with Health prerogative will see this prerogative transposed with a Resist All one.
  • Resistances to standing effects will now revoke a outcome instead of carrying a possibility to conflict it. This means that a 10% drain conflict will revoke a drain repairs and generation by 10% instead of carrying a 10% possibility to omit it.
  • When practical regularly in a brief time, a actor will naturally build adult insurgency to this standing effect. In other words, standing effects will now have abating earnings when practical regularly to a player.
  • If a actor manages to build adult to 100% insurgency to a standing effect, he will afterwards conflict it entirely.

Gear Talents

  • Rejuvenated now gives 40% insurgency to all standing effects for 10 seconds, when regulating a Medkit.

Character talents

  • On a pierce reduced to 15%.
  • Battle Buddy reduced to 30%.
  • Critical Save reduced to 20%.
  • Adrenaline will no longer request Overheal. Instead it replaces a present reanimate of Medkits with a reanimate over time that can also request while holding damage.


  • Changes to skillpower:
    • The skillpower bend has been modified, ensuing in reduction fit skills during low skillpower, and some-more fit skills during high skillpower.
    • Skills will now scale to a World Tier we are now in as an “expected skillpower” has now been implemented.
    • Diminishing lapse on Skillpower will not flog in before 450.000 skillpower.
    • All skills have been blending to this new scaling.
  • Sticky Bomb
    • Changed Flashbang mod to usually have a flashbang effect.
    • Changed Proximity mod to be an EMP outcome instead.
    • Added warning and check to Sticky Bomb. This means that all Sticky Bombs will no longer erupt immediately, though after some time.
  • First Aid
    • Defibrillator will now reanimate in 2 steps, one present detonate of recovering following by a reanimate over time.
  • Turret
    • Shock Turret will no longer understanding any repairs and usually startle a enemy.
  • Signature Skills:
    • The empty that relates after a actor perceived a Signature Skill outcome is extended to 60 seconds (from 30 seconds).
    • Players will no longer be means to trigger a Signature Skill if they are underneath a empty outcome from a prior application.
    • Signature Skills cooldown will now be influenced by Skill Haste.
    • Tactical Link
      • Damage prerogative is decreased to 10% in Last Stand. (this change doesn’t request outward of Last Stand, where a prerogative stays during 30%).
      • Weapon Stability will be some-more hindered by a rate of glow bonus.
  • Skill Haste rigging bonuses have been increasing by 100%.

Gear Sets

  • D3-FNC
    • 4 pieces: When used, your Ballistic Shield has no ability mod active. It will no longer mislay Critical Chance from your weapon.
    • Characters will now automatically switch to their sidearm if a SMG runs out of ammo.
  • Reclaimer
    • 2 pieces: Increased Support Station range.
    • 4 pieces: All Support Station mods are active during a same time.
  • AlphaBridge
    • 4 pieces: Now usually provides a 3rd (free) talent of a new arms instead of all three. All talents omit clear requirements.
  • Tactician’s Authority
    • 4 pieces: Now consumes a ability energy clean on ability use instead of after 10 seconds.
  • New rigging set: SEEKR (This Gear Set is still Work in Progress)
    • 2 pieces: 10% Body shot damage.
    • 3 pieces: 30% Critical Hit damage.
    • 4 pieces: After 2 uninterrupted shots to a body, a subsequent shot is a guaranteed Critical Hit.


  • High-End Named equipment turn Exotic (name competence change):
    • This peculiarity comes with a new object color.
    • Exotic weapons have been private from a Advanced Weaponry Vendor.
    • Updates sources for Exotics: Some sources have been changed around. We also combined some-more sources with change to dump any Exotic.
    • Exotics Caches have been combined to a game. These pledge an Exotic object when opened.
  • The scavenger box in a Base of Operations will now scrupulously scale with universe tier.
  • Weekly Assignment Caches will now pledge an Exotic item.


  • Recalibrations are now unlimited. This means that once a stat is picked for recalibration, it can be recalibrated as many times during a actor has banking to compensate for it. The cost will boost during initial though eventually top and no longer increase.


  • Base repairs on all weapons has been reduced to change rightly with a reduced repairs slackening from a change to Armor (note that NPC health and repairs has also been blending to safety a Time to Kill and Time to be Killed values pre 1.6).
  • Coolheaded will now have a tiny cooldown to not trigger regularly with involuntary weapons.
  • All Named Weapons are now of Exotic Quality.
  • Exotic weapons now any have a singular talent in a 3rd giveaway slot. The other 2 talents are rolled incidentally from a list of talents accessible to this arms type.
  • Exotic arms talents are not eliminated to a other arms when regulating AlphaBridge.
  • Exotic talents can't be recalibrated.
  • Exotic weapons any perceived a singular detailed science content in their UI.
  • Some Exotic Weapons now duty as Gear Sets: The singular talent unlocks when dual specific Exotic weapons are equipped.
  • FAMAS is now an Exotic arms and Uncomplicated a singular talent.
  • Medved
    • Center Mass: Shoots complicated slugs instead of buckshot.
  • Hungry Hog
    • Glutton: Killing a aim increases your repairs dealt by 20% until we stop firing. Multiple kills smoke-stack this bonus.
  • Tenebrae
    • Lights out: Destroying an rivalry diseased indicate resets ability cooldowns for we and your circuitously groupmembers.
  • Pakhan
    • Pakhan: Each kill creates a subsequent reload have 20% additional bullets compared to a base.
  • Liberator Centurion (Weapon Gear Set)
    • Free Republic: Each shot with a Liberator grabts +5% to we subsequent headshot repairs with a Centurion. Max is 200%. Kills with a Centurion extend +10% RPM to all weapons for 10 seconds.
  • Valkyrie becomes Hildr Eir (Weapon Gear Set)
    • Valkyria: Each strike with Hildr increases vicious strike repairs by 1% to a max of 100/ The prerogative decreases by 1 any second.
    • Hildr can't crit.
  • Cassidy
    • Boomstick: Double trigger fires off both barrels in brief succession.
  • Urban MDR
    • Distracted: Your repairs is increasing by 10% opposite targets with standing effects.
  • Warlord
    • Play rough: Damage taken is reduced by 20% while firing. The taken repairs is practical when we stop firing.
  • Damascus
    • Quickdraw: When drawn arms repairs is increasing by 20% for 2 seconds. After that arms repairs is decreased by 20%.
  • Golden Rhino
    • Golden Rhino: Increase substitute by 200%.
  • Historian
    • History repeats: Each bullet embers itself in a aim and detonates 2 seconds after for 20% Skillpower.
  • Caduceus
    • Caduceus: Each Critical Hit heals we and your organisation for 1%.

Open World

  • Civilians will now always dump Target Intel when helped.
  • Collectibles will now prerogative players with some-more XP when picked adult during turn 30.


  • Crafting High End pistols will no longer cost Division Tech
  • Updated Survival Cache content: it no longer has a specific dump that weights towards weapons introduced in Survival and has a some-more general dump instead. Exotic equipment can now dump as a prerogative with a tiny chance.
  • Reviving players from downed state will now cost a Medkit.
  • When matchmaking in Solo PvP Survival, players will finish adult in a guaranteed Solo instance where organisation is not possible.
  • Players can no longer “loot and kill” other downed players in PvE Survival.
  • Supplies accessible around a opposite parent hideouts have been rebalanced.


  • Killing NPCs will now extend Underground XP instead of normal XP. This means that players will no longer acquire normal XP when personification underground.
  • Underground Caches now pledge dual equipment instead of one. Exotic equipment can now dump as a prerogative with a tiny chance.


  • Increased a Weekly Rewards on all Challenging and Heroic Incursions.


  • [PC Only] Several improvements and bug fixes done to gamepad support on PC.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where infrequently consumables would not be indeed consumed when used in Survival mode or normal gameplay.
  • Fixed a bug where a diversion would lapse an improper out of playable map area blunder in DZ06.
  • Fixed a bug where a UI would wrongly simulate a insurance prerogative from Hunter’s Faith rigging set talent when dual or some-more players had a 4-piece prerogative active while in tighten proximity.
  • Fixed a bug where players could incidentally use consumables while browsing a display wheel.
  • Fixed a bug where a Pulse Master ability would not always trigger a early warning for antagonistic characters.
  • Fixed several instances of Ballistic Shield apropos unusable.
  • Fixed a bug where Recovery Link would not trigger correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be incompetent to do anything for a few seconds after regulating a skill.
  • Fixed a bug where a UI QuickNav duty would not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting element peculiarity would not scale scrupulously with universe tier.
  • Fixed a bug on PlayStation 4 where players would be stranded in gigantic loading.
  • Fixed a bug where arms talents would not activate if a impression charge values were equal, though not aloft than a requirements.
  • Fixed several instances of check when regulating First Aid.
  • Fixed a bug where Vigorous talent would not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be means to use consumables infinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where a Competent arms talent would not work for certain skills.
  • Fixed a bug where a Coolheaded arms talent would revoke consumable duration.
  • Fixed a bug where a NPC audio would not work after finale a Survival diversion mode session.

Source: The Division Forums

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