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The Division patch removes Falcon Lost Incursion exploit

The Division

Ubisoft has expelled a new patch for Tom Clancy’s The Division that aims to finally repair a Falcon Lost Incursion.

Falcon Lost has been tormented by exploits that authorised players to fundamentally get giveaway rob given it launched as partial of a 1.1 refurbish progressing this month. The initial feat authorised players to glitch by a wall regulating a mobile cover and conflict a APC though indeed starting to a fight. This was fixed, though another feat was detected shortly after a repair went live that again concerned that annoying mobile cover.

The patch creates it so a APC can usually be shop-worn by a C4 that is planted on it, digest a feat useless. You can review a patch records below:

Falcon Lost

  • The APC will now usually take repairs from C4
  • Characters will now be killed when going inside a parent closet


  • Weapon mods combined automatically to a newly crafted arms can now be deconstructed properly


  • Fixed an emanate where equipment from a Reward Claim Vendor would be postulated abnormally
  • PC: Fixed an emanate where regulating ASCII formula in in-game discuss could lead to customer crash

Although this patch removes a Falcon Lost exploit, it does zero for a Component talent glitch that is allows players to do large repairs to other players and enemies by switching weapons repeatedly.

Source: Ubisoft

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