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The Division is March’s many downloaded diversion on a PlayStation Store

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Sony’s expelled a list of a tip most-downloaded games from a PlayStation Store opposite a several PlayStation platforms. Leading a container is Tom Clancy’s The Division, a many downloaded diversion on a PlayStation 4.

The renouned shooter-RPG hybrid recently surfaced YouTube’s list of Trending Games for March, so a recognition on a PlayStation Store comes as no surprise. In second place on a PlayStation 4 is Ska Studios’ Salt and Sanctuary, while a ever-popular Rocket League holds a pretension of third-most-downloaded notwithstanding being out for scarcely a year.

Meanwhile, a tip games in terms of PlayStation 3 sales are a bit older, with Alice: Madness Returns, The Last of Us, and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune coming in first, second, and third respectively. The Jak and Daxter Collection leads sales on a PlayStation Vita, while Minecraft notably places in a tip 10 many downloaded games on all 3 systems.

Here’s a full list of most-downloaded games, true from a PlayStation Blog.

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