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The Division dataminers exhibit new Central Park Dark Zone, PvP content

New York City’s iconic Central Park could be combined to Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s PvP Dark Zone locus in a destiny update.

Data miners recently detected that this enlargement could be entrance to a game’s Dark Zone formed on subtitles found in a game’s formula following a doing of a new 1.5 update.

“Agent, we’ve started pulling serve into a Dark Zone. We’re unlocking a gates that lead north towards Central Park. we need we to get adult there to do a small recon. Let me know what we see, and stay safe. It’s not accurately accessible territory.”

Some sum on a intensity refurbish were also divulged through additional discourse leaks. The information hints during a new NPC support impression that will offer special Dark Zone missions involving securing tactical terminals forsaken around a zone. It is probable these terminals could involve the rumored and rarely approaching PvP mode where players face off in a rival multiplayer instance, maybe regulating a terminals as constraint points.

Additional sum on a information cave can be found in a Reddit post by user iamunk0wn. Massive has nonetheless to criticism on a information, so zero is confirmed.

Such a poignant refurbish shouldn’t be approaching for some time, as a diversion recently gifted a extravagantly successful Survival DLC that introduced a whole new approach to play. Developer Massive Entertainment recently announced that it was job together an “Elite Task Force” of gamers this month to establish how best to ensue with a experience, so perhaps this unconfirmed calm is on a agenda.

Source: Reddit r/thedivision

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