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The Banner Saga 2 review


Editor’s Note: This examination includes what some might cruise spoilers—mostly per a strange game. You’ve been warned.

If you’re like me, afterwards choices in video games have grown a bit dull. You can be a “good guy” or an “evil guy,” and a disguising of that choice you’re selecting is about as pure as a Buzzfeed ask on that Real Housewife of Beverly Hills we are. However, The Banner Saga 2 presents a universe where there is no transparent good or bad. Instead, a diversion focuses on a gray areas that start when traffic with presence and leadership. Who is to contend a right preference is to concede nomads to join your house when that means some-more mouths to feed with your singular supplies? How do we acquire honour when we remonstrate with a barbarous inlet of some of your followers?

The Banner Saga 2 is a second diversion in a Banner Saga trilogy. Just like a Kickstarter-funded 2014 original, it is a turn-based strategy/RPG that has players control a train of Nordic clansmen and giants (known in a diversion as Varls) as they try to stay alive in an icy land, now flooded with a dangerous Dredge. The choice to import a save record from a initial diversion is present, but—whether we never played a original, or wished we had done some opposite decisions—you can start uninformed by selecting that impression we would like to play as; Rook or Anette.


This is a unequivocally dauntless choice by developer Stoic Studio, since a whole diversion changes formed on that of a twin we confirm upon. Pick Rook, and we play a impression who has suffered a good detriment during a fight opposite a Dredge; go with Alette, and your story revolves around apropos a personality of your people as they find a refuge of Arberrang. Will we be strong, compassionate, or feared? The choices are yours to make.

These choices—who we save, what food we eat, either or not to grin during a child—are a thing that creates The Banner Saga 2 so powerful. While many reviewers will indicate usually to a monumental art, or discuss a worldly betterment of a turn-based strategy/RPG, a game’s largest success is that it creates we feel like a loyal leader. I’m not articulate about a flawless favourite that will be told about in legend, yet instead a form of personality who people demeanour to when a tough preference has to be made. You learn, and learn quickly, that we can’t greatfully everyone, and that a idea is being means to live with yourself. The story of The Banner Saga 2, however, is separate between mixed characters, that means that not usually will we have to confirm that choices are scold for any party, yet also learn a combatants for several groups that we might not have played as otherwise.

Nearly matching to a strange Banner Saga, fight is turn-based. Players initial select from a pool of characters to embody in a skirmish, afterwards strategically place them on a battlefield. Depending on choices you’ve done via a story, opposite characters might or might not be accessible during certain fights, and any has engaging abilities that we can use to succeed. For instance, Alette has Overwatch—a ability that causes a archer to glow on any enemies that enter her range. Meanwhile, Bolverk a berserker can conflict twice any turn, yet his fury might means him to conflict an adjacent ally.


By holding down enemies, players benefit Renown, that can be spent in city on equipment and food, or used to turn adult your characters. Stats and abilities can be intended up, and it is adult to we to confirm what to prioritize as your heroes grow. we found myself holding after a aged saying, “A best invulnerability is a good offense,” maxing out my repairs and vicious strike chances before anything else. This valid unusually successful with a new horseborn class, and a pike-wielding Tryggvi.

Even yet we intent in many battles, we never found myself wearied by a game’s combat. While many engagements were your standard “kill all of a enemies,” we unequivocally appreciated that The Banner Saga 2 shifted a conditions for winning several times. For example, in one battle, my defenders had to form a defense wall to strengthen opposite enemies while my offensive-minded characters privileged a highway of snow.

I did, however, find myself personification as a same characters utterly often. As they intended up, it usually reinforced my zeal to use them as a other characters were left in a dust. Some arrange of inducement to play a other units would have left a prolonged approach during removing me out of my comfort zone, yet a usually one we could find revolved around unlocking achievements. It’s a shame, since all of a characters have such singular designs.


The examination couldn’t be finish though mentioning a visible impression of a game. If we are informed with a Banner Saga series, a peculiarity of a art should be no warn to you. Every support of a diversion is beautiful, from a impression portraits to a fluttering ensign from that a diversion takes a name. With a hand-drawn, Don Bluth-like aesthetic, The Banner Saga 2 conjures present feelings of nostalgia for anyone of a certain age. This has been rubbed with a caring of cinema we watched as a child, any pen-stroke operative towards formulating a game’s fantastical world.

By a time we had finished channel a game’s map, we found myself changed. Fights were hard, yet we would get by them. Food was scarce, yet we would survive. People died, yet they wouldn’t be forgotten.

I wasn’t a personality when we started The Banner Saga 2, yet by a finish we was as plain as a godson.



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