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The Amazon Echo has a Mass Effect Easter egg that brings a feels

We’re propitious that Shepard took down a Reapers, as it appears that Amazon’s Echo inclination are partial Geth.

People adore seeking synthetic comprehension questions to try to branch them. In doing so, a masses have found a Mass Effect Easter egg tucked divided within a binary mind of a Amazon Echo. When a device is asked “Does this section have a soul?” a dot will respond “Kellah se’lai, my friend.”

This word is used mostly by a Quarian competition within Mass Effect, and means, “By a home universe we wish to see one day.” It’s mostly used in situations likewise to “Peace be with you,” with this approach call and response being used in a really romantic impulse during Mass Effect 3. Feel giveaway to watch that impulse below. Spoilers.

In other news, Mass Effect: Andromeda has a recover date of Mar 21st for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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