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That matter about a Rocket League Switch pier wasn’t official

The probability of Rocket League entrance to Nintendo’s Switch was looking promising, though a follow-up by developer Psyonix suggests we might have gotten ahead of ourselves.

A quote recently done a rounds that was believed to be true from Psyonix, expressing a carefree opinion for a automobile fight diversion entrance to a Switch. “We are vehement as we are per a recover of Nintendo Switch however, we don’t have adequate information during this time if it will happen. For a meantime, let’s both keep a fingers crossed that it will.”

Psyonix has given simplified that this quote came from a patron support deputy of an “outside vendor” that did not strictly paint Psyonix. A orator for a developer has relayed that there has been no central matter per Rocket League entrance to a Switch.

It might not be as expected as we creatively thought, though that doesn’t meant it isn’t happening.

The Nintendo Switch launches Mar 3rd.

Source: Gamespot

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