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Tales of Berseria screenshots deliver Oscar and Teresa

Tales of Berseria (1)

Bandai Namco has expelled a new collection of screenshots for Tales of Berseria that introduce Oscar Dragonia and Teresa Linares.

Half siblings Oscar and Teresa are praetors of a Abbey, a classification of exorcists. Although not playable character, both will “still be important,” according to a publisher.

“Oscar is critical in his work though he shows good feeling towards daemons,” Bandai Namco explains. “His elder half-sister Teresa is called a ‘Frozen Queen’ since she carries out her duties but emotion.”

The publisher also teased a introduction of a lizard daemon named Dyle, who Velvet will accommodate on the prison island Titania.

Tales of Berseria launches early 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Tales of Berseria (1)

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