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Take a demeanour during The Evil Within 2’s scary trophies and achivements

Bethesda’s The Evil Within 2 is rising on Oct 13th, though fans looking brazen to a subsequent section of Sebastian’s story can already start study a list of hurdles available them.

Thanks to a trickle of a prize list (via PowerPyx), a whole record of in-game tasks uncover off how many work it will take to acquire them all. With a sum of 52 trophies to acquire, players of a presence fear supplement seem to have a lot of work to do for that Platinum glory. While completing Classic Mode for a Gold prize competence demeanour simple, former array executive Shinji Mikami has voiced how formidable a mode will be for seasoned pros.

The Bronze offerings will many expected be awarded for doing customary story missions and side quests, like object crafting and trainer defeats. The handful of Silver trophies are some-more cryptic, as a descriptions of how to acquire them all seem to revolve around story moments. However, with a “Against All Odds” prize requiring players to kick a diversion on Nightmare Mode or higher, these clearly simple story trophies could be tied to completing a harder difficulties.

The whole list of trophies can be seen below. As always a analogous list of achievements will no doubt be identical, reduction a platinum.


  • Learn to Survive – Survived a nightmare, and all in between.


  • You Asked for It… Again – Completed a diversion in Classic Mode.


  • Against All Odds – Completed a diversion on Nightmare problem or higher.
  • Premature Finale – Shut down a bloody performance.
  • Overcome a Past – Your mishap is no more.
  • Unfortunate Consequence – Did what indispensable to be finished to save your daughter.
  • Skyes Out – Completed a “The Last Step” side mission.
  • Finally Free – Experienced each dire confront and done assent with your middle demons.
  • Stick it in My Veins – Completely upgraded all abilities.
  • They Never Even Stood a Chance – Completely upgraded all weapons.
  • Echoes with STEM – Observed all Residual Memories.
  • Diligent Reader – Collect all files.
  • Locksmith – Opened all lockers.
  • Powerhouse – Acquired all customary weapons.
  • All in a Family – Collected all of a Mysterious Objects.
  • I’ll Take You Down Myself – Brought your possess apparatus to a grill this time (Ch. 14)


  • Rookie – Completed a diversion on Casual problem or higher.
  • Survivor – Completed a diversion on Survival problem or higher.
  • Welcome to Union – Took a thrust behind into STEM.
  • Taken – Saw a chilling vision.
  • Not Running This Time – Defeated a Guardian outward City Hall.
  • The Team Psychologist – Found a intensity fan in a Marrow.
  • Another Ally – Survived an distress with a assistance of a new friend.
  • Crossing to a Other Side – Provided a Harbinger honeyed release.
  • Spiritual Awakening – Came to terms with your past and present.
  • Fire Walk With Me – Made it inside a enemy’s stronghold.
  • Everything Comes Crumbling Down – Reached a really finish of a world.
  • Backup Ain’t Coming – Completed a “Rogue Signal” side mission.
  • You Got Red in You – Used your initial Red Gel.
  • Making Things a Little Easier – used your initial High-Grade Weapon Parts.
  • Now You’re Playing with Power – Upgraded a arms to Level 3.
  • A Little Extra Kick to it – Upgraded one of your Warden Crossbow bolts to max Level.
  • DIY – Crafted something for a initial time.
  • Handyman – Crafted each form of object during slightest once.
  • Doing Some Detecting – Collect 20 files.
  • Half a Stash – Opened 16 lockers.
  • Good to See You Again – Acquired a Warden Crossbow.
  • Chatting with Kidman – Talked to Kidman about all of a detailed slides.
  • Caffein Addict – Used each Coffee Maker during slightest once.
  • Thinning Them Out – Killed 30 enemies.
  • Clearing a Path – Killed 60 enemies.
  • Smoke Assassin – Killed 3 enemies regulating upgraded Smoke Bolts.
  • Shock Therapy – Stunned an rivalry station in H2O regulating a Shock Bolt.
  • Wait For It… – Killed an rivalry regulating an Ambush.
  • Kick, Shoot, Burn – Killed 2 or some-more enemies during once regulating oil on a ground.
  • Bootable Offense – Stomped and killed 15 depressed enemies.
  • I Am The Night – Killed 10 enemies regulating Sneak Kills.
  • Sometimes Fighting Isn’t a Answer – Avoided nonessential carnage outward City Hall (Ch. 5)
  • Death From Above – Killed 2 or some-more enemies during once regulating a unresolved flare (Ch. 9)
  • No More Playing With Fire – Stopped a loyal follower from personification with his favorite fondle (Ch. 11)
  • Melancholy Memories – Reminisced about each impulse from a past (Ch. 12)
  • That Cinematic Feel… – Opted for a cinematic experience.

The Evil Within 2 launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Oct 13th. To prep for a harrowing knowledge of revisiting STEM, fans can also check out a game’s recently denounced launch trailer.

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