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Switch appendage trickle reveals some-more of what a new console has in store

Another leaker has come brazen with information on a Nintendo Switch, yet this time, a trickle isn’t about games or specs. It’s about accessories.

The trickle consists of several cinema of what seem to be printed-out slides, any created in French and containing images of “working concepts” from marginal builder Hori. They were creatively leaked by DroidXAce on Twitter.

Joy-Con Multicharger leak

Some of a peripherals are meant to raise tools of a Switch that we’ve already seen, including a Joy-Con Multi Charger able of charging 4 Joy-Con controllers during once, analog hang caps for improved grip, and a mount to reason and arrangement a Switch during a opposite angle when docked. Others are totally new: a “Real Arcade Pro SW” controller with a joystick, and an additional Pro-style controller.

Switch Arcade controller leak

More peripherals are on a unsentimental side: a LAN adaptor for hooking adult a Switch during home, and a cigarette lighter character horse for gripping a console powered in a car. There’s also a good array of protecting cases, including one for Switch cartridges (which additionally seems to endorse that a cartridges around a distance of an SD card).

Switch cartridge distance leak

Finally, on a cosmetic side, there’s a Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild skin set that appears to cover both a wharf and a Switch itself. The lift cases also come in Zelda variants.

Nintendo is holding a full Switch exhibit discussion tomorrow, and these papers seem to be partial of a display on Hori’s part. If legit (and there’s zero here that’s straining credulity), afterwards we can substantially design to see a grave proclamation of a peripherals soon.

Source: DroidXAce on Twitter

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