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Street Fighter V’s Alex gets a makeover, interjection to PC modder

sfv alex

One of a advantages of PC gaming is being means to call a mulligan on any less-than-ideal artistic choices developers make. A new hair mod for Street Fighter V lets players do only that, rolling behind Alex’s redesign to something that looks reduction like a Happy Meal.

Alex, a latest further to a SFV roster, expelled final month looking really tighten to his 3rd Strike counterpart, solely something about his hair seemed off. Enter a modder that goes my PFunk, who is station opposite Alex’s fries-inspired hairdo with a recover of a mod for PC. PFunk indeed overhauled many of Alex’s outfit to improved resemble his strange 2D look, though a switch of a apportionment of his hair formerly tucked behind his bandana should be distinguished in itself.

You can check out a next video, creatively posted on a Street Fighter V Mod YouTube channel, to see a renovate in action.

Source: Siliconera

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