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Stories: The Path of Destinies review


Immersion has always been a large cause for me enjoying not usually games, yet a lot of a media I’ve consumed over a years. So, it shouldn’t come as a startle to find out we was a fan of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books while flourishing up. we found it quite easy to insert myself directly into their stories, and it could take hours to regularly work my approach by them, anticipating all a opposite endings. It’s no consternation afterwards that we immediately fell in adore with Stories: The Path of Destinies.

Stories follows a crafty fox brute named Reynardo who, by a array of hapless events, has found himself pound dab in a center of a polite fight between an immorality aristocrat and his kingdom’s pretender rebellion. The events that led to Reynardo’s impasse in a fight also saw a enchanting book find a approach into his possession. This book allows him to see his intensity predestine formed on decisions he has nonetheless to make, and usually by overcoming large trials and errors will Reynardo learn a law behind a fight and discern what will be a one trail he can take to victory.

While a story sounds elementary enough, many of a attract of Stories comes due to a sole voice actor. The storyteller/narrator acts likewise to a one in Bastion, boldly and amusingly job out many of Reynardo’s actions, from a epic (fighting off a dozen enemies and not holding a hit) to a paltry (yes, outstanding all those pots is necessary). Some of a essay misses a mark, yet many of a mistakes can be forgiven deliberation a tinge of a whole adventure. Plus, it should be commended as a whole, deliberation how all interconnects.


You see, usually like those Choose Your Own Adventure books of my youth, Stories features 25 opposite endings for a hero, and usually one of them can be deliberate “good”: a good guys live, a bad guys don’t, and a universe is saved. The fun, though, is in collecting a clues to learn how to get to that good ending.

Each playthrough of Stories usually takes about an hour sum as we work your approach by 5 chapters. Each section has a preference during a finish of it, that branches a story off in opposite directions before culminating in one of a endings. With any “bad” finale we accept (Reynaldo dies, universe is destroyed, etc.) one of 4 concept truths is potentially revealed. These are contribution that never change, no matter what trail Reynaldo takes, and that enclose believe he can afterwards use when he flips behind to a front of his magical, fate-revealing book. The truths also clear additional choice paths when we replay certain scenarios due to a new information a protagonist has gained.

Once we learn all 4 truths, we should have a pieces required to figure out how Reynaldo contingency navigate a book—like a pretentious meta-puzzle—in sequence to emerge a loyal hero. Of course, with 24 bad endings, there’s no pledge that any finale will exhibit a truth, yet a fun is in course-correcting any time around, changing one decision—or many—in an try to expose a information we need. So, during minimum, you’ll need 5 playthroughs (I admittedly stumbled and indispensable a sixth) to clear a hero’s best path.


My usually dispute with how this was finished comes from a fact that distinct a loyal Choose Your Own Adventure, we have to replay full storylines usually to get to a one preference we wish to change. For completionists out there who wish to see all 25 endings, this will be quite frustrating, since instead of being means to rebound behind to a preference in section four, we have to go all a approach behind to section one any time and start all over, forcibly lengthening a game.

This becomes quite troublesome when we comprehend there are usually around 8 opposite levels rotating in and out of a 5 chapters, so personification a diversion over and over again causes we to see a lot of a same areas repeatedly. Each turn has a integrate of swap paths that we can clear on successive playthroughs, yet when you’re traipsing by a dried for a tenth time, a levels remove their luster.

One aspect that helps keep this exercise from bogging a diversion down too many is a gameplay. Stories plays like a comparatively straight-forward action-RPG, yet there is some startling abyss to a fight when we brew in a 4 swords Reynardo can acquire and turn up, a hookshot that allows him to fast tighten a stretch to enemies, and opposite attacks suggestive of a “exclamation symbol above a enemy’s head” complement from super favourite games.


There’s also a low leveling system, with perks that lift over from playthrough to playthrough. This way, by a time you’re perplexing to make a speed run for a good ending, Reynardo will be roughly tank-like in his ability to reap down enemies and keep pulling a story forward.

There is a accountability with a gameplay, in that there are a satisfactory volume of glitches in a game. we found myself stranded to certain walls, or half-submerged in a belligerent like it was quicksand, on several occasions, requiring me to restart a chapter. While no section is some-more than 15 mins prolonged depending on how many we explore, it fast got troublesome after it happened some-more than a integrate of times.

Stories: The Path of Destinies is a adore minute to a Choose Your Own Adventure books of my childhood. It’s mixed paths and endings will keep we entrance behind for during slightest a few playthroughs as we try to clear a best finale possible. It also acts as a plain action-RPG, with a startling volume of abyss to keep we intent for during slightest as prolonged as it should take we to expose all a dark truths. If you’re looking for a narrative-driven diversion that we can come behind to again and again, afterwards Stories: The Path of Destinies is a diversion we should substantially choose.



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