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Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Profit and Plunder refurbish includes a Eternal Championship


BioWare has common sum about Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s subsequent section in a Knights of a Fallen Empire storyline, Profit and Plunder.

“The newest section in Knights of a Fallen Empire gives a Outlander an event to spin a tides opposite a Eternal Empire in a surreptitious heist to pillage Arcann’s tip treasury,” a chapter’s outline reads. “In a high-risk goal to redeem a Eternal Empire’s immeasurable riches, players will partner with a galaxy’s many barbarous thieves: a sexy Bounty Hunter, Gault Rennow, and a womanlike Twi’lek pirate, Vette.  Prepare to risk all as we embark on a growth goal opposite all contingency to take back the Empire’s stolen wealth!”

Alongside a lapse of Gault and Vette, Chapter XIII will also deliver a code new activity to a diversion called a Eternal Championship. Players contingency face off in one-on-one fight opposite 10 of the many scandalous and learned warriors Zakuul has to offer. Defeating all 10 will extend players a series of rewards including a possibility to recruit the Wookiee gladiator Bowdaar.

Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder launches May 3rd, 2016.

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