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Star Wars Battlefront II refurbish teased after over a month of silence

After a sincerely prolonged wait given a prior Star Wars Battlefront II balancing update, a developer finally speaks out to assure fans that changes are coming.

The developer feedback started with pattern executive Dennis Brännvall responding to a fan on Twitter, confirming that a fan’s wish for a nerf of a multiplayer Wookie characters is coming.

This was followed by a Battlefront II forum post from village manager Mat Everett, who teased a series of adjustments entrance to a game. Everett’s rough list of changes can be found below, though he also supposing a link at a finish of a post for entrance to a update’s full patch records when they go live.

– Hero tweaks
– Wookie Warriors tweaked
– Trooper tweaks (Specialist, Heavy, and Officer)
– Weapon tweaks
– Bug fixes

Despite prior comments done by a publisher per Star Wars canon, there is a probability that new impression skins could also uncover adult in a game’s subsequent update. In another Twitter response by Brännvall, a executive suggested that a developer would “have some-more info on skins really shortly.” This would be a uncanny thing to contend if there was zero of note to announce.

Star Wars Battlefront II hasn’t seen a balancing refurbish given early December, in that a developers done some highly-requested changes to a game’s economy. Considering a developer betrothed to be constantly iterating on a experience, it might wish to flog things adult a notch.

Source: VG 24/7

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