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Sora shows off his moves in a World of Final Fantasy

A new impression is fasten a expel of a World of Final Fantasy: Sora of Kingdom Hearts fame.

While we knew Sora was on a way, we didn’t know any of a details. This week, though, he’s set to join during slightest a Japanese chronicle of a game, and we have a initial Japanese trailer for a spirit of what he can do.

In game, you’ll be means to serve Sora by equipping his Champion Summon medal. He’s wearing his outfit from Dream Drop Distance, and is able of pulling off a few absolute moves, regulating Flowmotion to movement around enemies and banishment off absolute spells like Blizzaga.

In Japan, a Sora DLC will be giveaway and arrives after this week. A recover date for a North American chronicle of a DLC, however, hasn’t nonetheless been revealed.

Source: Square Enix on YouTube

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