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Sony to step adult PlayStation Network confidence with two-step verification

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Sony skeleton to step adult confidence on a PlayStation Network with a serve of two-step authentication, according to a matter from a height holder.

“In sequence to serve guarantee a users and their accounts, we are scheming to offer a 2-step corroboration feature,” a Sony deputy told Polygon.

Two-step verification, as a name implies, requires users to endorse their temperament in dual opposite ways. The initial is customarily by a username and password, that Sony already requires. The second step is mostly a code, sent to a purebred email comment or dungeon phone series supposing by a user. This routine is most some-more secure than a cue alone, given intensity hackers would also need entrance to a user’s phone or email address.

Some PlayStation 3 users have reported saying a summary about two-step corroboration after installing a chronicle 4.80 update, serve confirming that a some-more secure log-in use is on a way.

Sony hasn’t nonetheless pronounced when a two-step corroboration routine will be implemented.

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