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Sony shipped 17.7 million PlayStation 4 systems over a final 12 months


Sony’s mercantile year was all about PlayStation 4, with a association shipping 17.7 million consoles over 12 a months finale Mar 31st, 2016.

According to Sony’s recently expelled financial report, a company earned a net distinction of nearly $1.4 billion across the mercantile year, imprinting a initial time in 3 years that a association hasn’t reported a loss.

Despite a decrease in PlayStation 3 sales, Sony’s Games Network Services multiplication was a major factor in a company’s success, saying an 11.8 percent boost over a prior year. Network income alone rose from $3.2 billion to approximately $4.9 billion.

Many times in a webcast, Sony mentioned a Kumamoto earthquakes though stayed certain about a intensity impacts.

“We design a clever movement of a PS4 height to continue,” said CFO Kenichiro Yoshida. “Due to a impact of a earthquakes, there is a probability that a supply of components from certain vendors competence be affected, though even with that impact, during this indicate of time, we consider that mercantile year 2016 we can surpass a 17.7 million units of PS4 hardware that we sole in the prior mercantile year.”

Source: Sony Investor Relations

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