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Song of a Deep story trailer takes we into a sea blue


Song of a Deep recently launched a new story trailer and strictly announced its release date, Jul 12th.

The underwater Metroidvania has perceived a new story trailer, and within it we not usually declare some-more of a pleasing turn design, though also hear some-more of a distressing narrative. A immature girl, acid for her father’s ship? I’m dying. Developer Insomniac also suggested a recover date for a game, mid-July, so we don’t have to wait too most longer to get a hands on a beautiful nautical adventure.

If you’re unknown with Song of a Deep, imagine a brew of Ecco a Dolphin and Ori and a Blind Forest. Don’t forget to check out EGM’s hands-on preview of a diversion to see how a diversion is moulding up.

Song of a Deep surfaces Jul 12th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Insomniac Games on YouTube

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